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MOUSE Squad: the Movie


What if a big time Hollywood producer came to your school and wanted to make a movie about your MOUSE Squad? Or better yet, what if your MOUSE Squad made a movie about your MOUSE Squad? Everyone knows every great movie needs a great poster to go along with it, and a movie about a MOUSE Squad needs a high tech poster.

This month's challenge is to design a poster for a movie about your MOUSE Squad using Mozilla Webmaker's Thimble!

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MOUSE Squad Digital Meet-Up on March 18: Maker Spaces and DIY Technology for Your Squad!

Watch the livestream of today's Digital Meet-Up below starting at 4pm EST, or click here to join via your Google+ account. Join the conversation on the online notepad here.

digital meet-ups.png

March's Digital Meet-Up will focus on introducing your MOUSE Squad to maker spaces, hack-a-thons, and DIY technology!

This Meet-Up will be led by Patti Elfers-Wygand and Lori Stahl-Van Brackle, the MOUSE Squad Coordinators at J.H.S. 157 Stephen A. Halsey Middle School in Queens, NYC. The Halsey MOUSE Squad has taken on a lot of cool projects over the years, from game design to 3D printing projects, all on top of tech support! Patti and Lori will be leading this discussion about makerspaces (also known as hackerspaces, hacklabs, and makelabs), DIY culture, maker culture, and hackathons, and how to construct or bring resources like these to your MOUSE Squad for innovative, hands-on learning and doing experiences.

Do you have experience with Maker Faires, makerspaces , hackathons, or DIY technology and media? We hope you'll join us and add to the conversation!

Details for the March 18th MOUSE Squad Digital Meet-Up

  • WHEN: The live meet-up will be held at 4pm EST on Tuesday, March 18th.
  • HOW DO I JOIN?: This meet-up will be held over Google On-Air. Fill out the short registration form below, and you'll get an email shortly before the meet-up begins with a link to join via your Google+ account.
  • WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A GOOGLE PLUS ACCOUNT? You can create one here, or you can watch the meet-up via live streaming on YouTube (you just won't be able to join the conversation). To watch the live stream, fill out the form below--you'll get an email shortly before the meet-up begins with a link to view.
  • WHAT ELSE? If you can't join us during the meet-up you'll be able to watch a recording later on YouTube. This post will be updated with the link to the recording after it's over.
  • Remind me--what's a MOUSE Squad Digital Meet-Up?

    Starting in Fall 2013, MOUSE Squad Digital Meet-Ups will be held most months during the school year. At each Meet-Up, you'll have the chance to hear a featured MOUSE Squad Coordinator and their students talk about the work they're doing, how they run their Squad, and the best practices they've uncovered for tackling great projects at their site. Many meet-ups will also feature a focused discussion on a theme of general interest, either tied directly to MOUSE Squad or related more generally to tech-ed, public education, digital media, etc.

    For new MOUSE Squad Coordinators, these meet-ups will be a great opportunity to hear from experienced Coordinators and begin to plan for your new Squad. For both new and experienced Coordinators, we hope that these meet-ups will be a forum for you to network with colleagues across the country, collect new project ideas, troubleshoot challenges in your Squad, and more.

    Click here to see Wire posts that include recordings of past Meet-Ups.

NYC Team Training Does it Again!

What an Awesome Spring Team Training

On Saturday, February 1st, seven MOUSE Squads came to Fall Team Training at Manhattan’s Hudson High School of Learning Technologies.

We started off the day with a Social Scavenger Hunt before the opening ceremonies. As squads arrived at the event, they were broken up into 4 different teams: Green Godzillas, Orange Orcas, Pink Panthers and Yellow Yaks. For the second time, Coordinators had their own special group too: the Cobalt Coordinators! Everyone worked on challenges with members of other squads including creating a secret handshake and drawing Squad mascots. Once they completed every challenge, students got a Team Training button to keep.


The Opening Ceremonies began with the Great MOUSEmallow Skyscraper Challenge! Students and coordinators set out to build the tallest freestanding tower they could out of marshmallows and sticks on top of an upside down bucket.

After this awesome kick-off, students rotated through four different workshops (with a lunch break in between). At these workshops Squads learned about using and CaseTracker, computer hardware basics, understanding and designing school computer networks, and leadership skills.


At the end of the day, students, coordinators and MOUSE staff gathered together to close out Team Training with a raffle drawing and shout-outs to the most memorable people and moments of the day. The Electro Wizards from Brooklyn Community College Partnership won the raffle, receiving a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy to buy something cool for their squad!


We had so much fun at Team Training and were thrilled by the enthusiasm of all of our students and coordinators.

We want to give a special shout-out to Hudson High School for hosting us again and to members of MOUSE Corps for being awesome facilitators on this important day.