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Sign up NOW! the Last Game Jam of the Year is April 25th!

Want to hack, play and create with games? Come check out our last game jam of the school year on April 25th! We'll be leading an activity from MOUSE's Serious Games badge using Scratch with other game design educators and experts. This special game jam also features music recording, making dance videos and a slam dunk contest.

Sign up NOW! Space is limited!


WHO: Middle and High School Students
WHEN: Saturday, April 25th
TIME: 1:00-3:30 PM
WHAT: Make games and have fun!
COST: Free!
WHERE: Brooklyn Community College Partnership, 301 Roosevelt Hall

2950 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210
301 Roosevelt Hall

Contact Alex Fleming at or 646-574-1767 with questions or for help finding the Game Jam.


Light snacks will be provided. Parents are encouraged to attend the last 30 minutes to see a showcase of games made that day.

Check out these games remixed at previous Game Jam in New York! How do you want your game to look? You can make a game just like these and more!

bedroom game.pnghand drawn game.png
legendary battling.pngwinter game.png

Sign up NOW! Space is limited!

Congratulations JavaScript Takeover Winners!


For March madness, we asked you to re-imagine the web the way you want to see it, by creating a JavaScript bookmarklet that hijacked the images on any website. Wow. You guys did some awesome coding! We were really impressed with your Thimble hacks! This was one of our more difficult MicroProject challenges, and we want to give a big shout out to everyone who submitted something!

Our Grand Prize

Earning the MicroProject Winner Badge and a $60 gift card to Best Buy for their squad is MTechGeek from Addison Squeak Squad: Glitch Eradicators in California. They picked a rainbow theme for their bookmarklet and went way above and beyond by including extra code that remixed the text color as well! MTechGeek got bonus points for including GIFs and picking an exciting theme!

We'll make sure to keep this bookmarklet in our browser to make boring websites more colorful!

Hey Rainbows
Check out 'The craziest Javascript Takeover' here!

Our First Runner Up

Our first runner up receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module for their squad is joseSgonzalez from Mouse Squad 368 in New York. We thought that joseS's project was hilarious and creative. We won't ruin the surprise, but the images might not be what you are expecting!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.55.19 PM.png
Check out 'ROCK ON!!!!' here!

Our Second Runner Up

Our second Runner Up (also receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module) is GreenEddie from Crooms AoIT-Fisher-7th Pd in Florida. We liked all the GIFs that GreenEddie included and the customized the Thimble page. The bookmarklett has a great title as well!

When You Are Feeling Down
Check out 'That lovable little guy' here!

Honorable Mention

There were so many great projects this month we wish we had more prizes to give away! We would like to share these honorable mentions: Marcus F.'s 'IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!', hgrewal's 'Hey Nature!', and reality_does_not_exist's 'Error messages'.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time Hey Nature Error!

Shout out for Wins!

It's never too late to award Wins to your favorite MicroProject entries! Give wins for creativity, technical know-how or inspiration. This month we'd like to shout out The_Computer_Kid for giving a creativity win. The_Computer_Kid, we think you are Winner with a capital W!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.06.36 PM.png

When you see someone make a cool MicroProject submission, let them know that they did a great job by giving them a win!

Thank you to Coordinators and students who participated and submitted so many awesome bookmarklets! Next month is all about planning your big year-end project: Planet Plan-it!.

The March Game Jam was Amazing!

On Saturday, March 14th, 49 young people came to the March Hive Moveable Game Jam to play, hack and make games! The event was hosted at Iridescent Science Studios in the Bronx and featured activities from MOUSE and other Hive NYC organizations!

We started the day by splitting into groups and inventing a simple game on the spot! Then we got to choose two of four stations to try a game-making activity.

At MOUSE's station, attendees hacked a simple Scratch game called Ghost Blast! where you play as a friendly ghost who has to dodge evil spirits. You can try this activity yourself! Just go to Mission #7: It's the Remix in our Serious Games Badge.

stranded.pngsquirrel run.png

Attendees replaced the characters in the game with their own characters and even swapped the game background in some cases. Participants used images from Google image search to fully make their games over.

Everyone hacked Ghost Blast in different ways, creating incredible new mods of the game. The final games can be played right here, so check them out.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.06.41 AM.png

We weren't the only table at this Game Jam running awesome activities. Attendees also got to:

Missed this Game Jam? Don't worry! The last Game Jam of this year is coming up in April! Stay tuned to The Wire for more information!