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September Microproject Winners!

In September we asked you to create a flashy flyer to put up in your school! We hope that your flyers brought in tons of new MOUSE Squad members and you are on your way to a stellar MOUSE Squad of the Year submission. We loved all the fun mascots and logos on these flyers. It's great to see MOUSE Squads across the country doing so many amazing things!

Our Grand Prize

Earning the MicroProject Winner Badge and a $60 gift card to Best Buy for their squad is harpreet209 from Cougar Squad in California. We liked harpreet209's clear but interesting design, and their use of the wizard image to represent the Cougar Squad's "Tech Wizards." We liked quite a few of the projects from Cougar Squad but harpreet209's had info on where the squad meets, what new squad members will learn and a great crisp design. The picture of the flyer hanging up in the school hallway tipped the scales for the big win! Congratulations harpreet209 and all of the Cougar Squad members!


Check out harpreet209's flyer!

Our First Runner Up

Our first runner up receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module is Ben N 722 from the current MOUSE Squad of the Year Halsey JHS in New York. Ben N 722 included lots of information and was still able to make a great poster using an interesting background and fun colors. We can't wait for Halsey's new squad members to "explore the awesomeness within!"


Check out Ben N 722's flyer!

Our Second Runner Up

Also receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module is ThomasIan from Crooms Academy in Florida. We liked Thomaslan's funny images and confidence that the Crooms MOUSE Squad can fix your problems and "do it all."


Check out ThomasIan's project!

Honorable Mentions

We would like to give an honorable mention to Sharks Squad from Marina West Elementary School in California. There made quite a few great posters from Shark Squad!

Check out a couple that we liked!

Shout out for Wins!

It's not too late to give out Wins to your favorite MicroProject entries! Give wins for creativity, technical know-how or inspiration. Click here to check out all the school designs that were submitted! This month we'd like to shout out rajwinderlms for giving an awesome technical win!

motivator win 2.png

When you see someone make a cool MicroProject submission, let them know what they did a great job by giving them a win! Thanks for giving such a great win rajwinderlms!

Thank you to Coordinators and students who participated and submitted such awesome projects! We are looking forward to seeing many more of them in the future. Be sure to check out our next project: Hackin' n' Stackin.

October MicroProject: Hackin' n' Stackin'


To celebrate the all new incredible Scratch activities in our Serious Games certification, MOUSE presents a new Game Design MicroProject. This month's challenge is to hack Pancaker, one of our favorite Scratch games. Scratch makes it easy to turn Pancaker into your own stacking game like Leaf Stacker or Pumpkin Pie Parade or anything you can imagine. How will you hack it?

Click here to find out more!

Find out who won September's Flyer Like an Eagle challenge!

Maker Faire 2014 - Year of the Maker!

Maker Faire 2014 may have been the best one yet! We had 5 intrepid MOUSE Squads in attendance, awesome MOUSE Corps students were everywhere, and so much fun was had by all!

Thank you to these awesome Squads who joined us:

MOUSE Squad students took on awesome soldering projects, got a close-up look at 3D printing (including a 3D printed robot and car!), hung out with a giant bike-powered alligator, and more!

MOUSE Corps was super busy all day, too! MOUSE Corps students split their time between a few different booths: they presented their assistive technology projects -- brand-new innovations created to support people with Cerebral Palsy to do daily tasks more independently, including everything from vacuuming to playing video games! They also led fun Webmaker activities, and taught the crowd how to tinker with electronics at the gadgITERATION table!

MOUSE Corps looks pretty awesome, huh? Well if you're a high schooler in MOUSE Squad, you can sign up to be in MOUSE Corps this year! The deadline to apply is October 7 -- get all the details here!

Check out more great photos of Maker Faire here!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday! It was great to see you, and we look forward to seeing everyone at more great events all year long!