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November MicroProject: Get Your Game On

Submissions are due by 12/14

Wow, do we have a treat for you this month. If you like video games you're going to love this! Have you ever wanted to design your own video games? Well now’s your chance with the Mouse Squad November MicroProject: Get Your Game On!

Using the amazing free tool Gamestar Mechanic! you can learn how to design and create your own video games. Then you can play and share them with everyone in your Mouse Squad!

Check out our game by clicking on the picture below!

game pic 3.jpg
Gamestar Mechanic is fun, free, and lets you make awesome games. So let your imagination run wild and see what kind of crazy video game adventures you can dream up!

game pic 1.jpg

To make your game...

In order to create a game in Gamestar Mechanic you first have to sign up for a free account. There is no cost but you do need to have an email address.

Once you have an account you need to complete the single player missions. This will take you some time, but it will teach you how to use all the tools available on Gamestar Mechanic and some of the basic concepts of game design. Make sure you leave plenty of time to make your game after you’ve finished learning how to use the program.

The Rules

  • Games should have at least 3 levels. Try to make it so each level is harder than the last one.
  • Nothing inappropriate for school, of course.
  • All games must be submitted by December 14th to be considered
  • Remember, the winning Squad gets a $60 gift certificate to Best Buy!

Other Info

  • To earn extra points, design your game to tell a story. Use text at the beginning of each level to set the scene, and have each level relate to the one before it.
  • One note about Gamestar Mechanic: though it is free to use, some features are only available if you pay for the premium version. You do not need to use any of these more advanced features to make a great game. In fact, we encourage you to get really creative with the free tools they offer.
  • If you want to have greater control over how your game looks and feels and think you are up for an advanced challenge, try creating a game with Scratch, another free game design tool thats built with programming in mind. Scratch is much more advanced, so this is only for those of you who want a SERIOUS challenge.

To Submit:

Make a blog post with the title "November MicroProject." Be sure to include a link to your game in the blog post. To get a link to your game simply go to your game and click the "share" button. Remember all submissions must be made before December 14th.


Leave a comment here on this Wire post with the link to your post

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If you love this Microproject, check out the Serious Games Specialist Certification on! And stay tuned to The Wire for more info about our Serious Games Unplugged events!

We can't wait to see the amazing creative games you come up with! Remember to submit your game by December 14th!

Good luck and have fun!

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