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Mouse Presents...GreenTECH [Beta]


What is GreenTECH?

  • 3 levels of HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES great for individuals or teams
  • a BADGE that members of Mouse Programs can earn on to demonstrate just how guru they are about the technology of energy
  • a WEB APP to help users visualize carbon footprint data and reduce their impact
  • VIDEOS that profile engineers and designers who work with energy

badge.pngGreenTECH is the latest Specialist Certification for members of the Mouse program network. Individuals or full squads can earn the GreenTECH Badge, an amazing opportunity to kickstart “greening” efforts for your site’s technology, or for students and coordinators looking for fun ways to blend technology with environmental science. Whether you’re interesting in fixing, making, or just like to play, we all have a part in thinking about the future of power.

Three levels of GreenTECH projects and activities cover:

  • Energy & Where it Comes From - learn how fossil fuels turn into electricity, make your own generator, and more
  • Going Green - hack basic electronics to run on solar, learn about renewables, and begin your own energy audit by metering your technology and experimenting with the GreenTECH Lab
  • Planning for Action - turn action into activism and create a GreenTECH carbon reduction program for your school or site **great for collaboration with science classes**

GreenTECH Specialist activities are hands-on and will require a few fun materials that you may not have on hand. From watt meters to white vinegar, find links to assemble your own GreenTECH Kit from the Gear page on

Want a taste?

Get Started!

GreenTECH is in Beta and will continue to undergo upgrades and edits until fall of the 2014 School Year. Formal pilot schools have been arranged through Mouse’s grant from the National Science Foundation, but we encourage our early adopters to dig in and enjoy! As always, your feedback is critical to our process, so please feel free to email if you have any questions, comments, or big ideas as you go.

GreenTECH is made possible through generous funding from the National Science Foundation, and with support from Mouse partners at Solar One and NYU Wallerstein Collaborative.

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