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Emoti-Con 2010: Give us your smilies!!

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to nominate your favorite emoticon to be the official logo for the Emoti-Con 2010 Festival.


Leave a comment at the end of this post with your nomination

An emoticon is a textual expression representing the face of a writer's mood or facial expression.

Examples of Emoticon's

  • =D
  • (o.o)
  • (0_0)
  • =oP
  • >_<
  • σ_σ

What is Emoti-Con 2010?

Emoti-Con 2010 is the second annual NYC Digital Youth Media and Technology Festival, where Mouse Squads and students from other programs will get to showcase their digital media and tech projects. This year, it will be hosted by the New York Public Library's Bartos Forum on Saturday, June 19th. Click here for more info and to join the Facebook group!

Mouse Squad is a program of Mouse. 55 Broad Street, 16th Floor, NY, NY 10004 646-574-6446,