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Sign Up NOW! The Next Hive Game Jam is March 14th!

Come play, hack and make games with us!

Sign Up Now! Space is Limited!

Do you like games? Do you like making things? Then come design games with some of the best game design educators in New York City! We'll be leading an activity from MOUSE's Serious Games badge using Scratch with other awesome game making experts. We'll introduce you to the principles of good game design, and then give you time to create your own game with the help of our expert staff.


WHEN: Saturday, March 14th
TIME: 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
WHAT: Make games and have fun!
WHERE:Iridescent Science Studio
890 Garrison Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474
United States

Near the 2, 5 and 6 trains.

Sign up now! Space is Limited!

CONTACT: Alex Fleming at or 646-574-1767 with questions or for help finding the Game Jam.

Light snacks will be provided. Parents are encouraged to attend the last 30 minutes to see a showcase of games made that day.

Check out these games remixed at previous Game Jams! How do you want your game to look? You can make a game just like these and more!

bedroom game.pnghand drawn game.png
legendary battling.pngwinter game.png

This event is funded by the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund at the New York Community Trust. Organizations present at this game jam include MOUSE, Iridescent, Exposure Camp and Coder Dojo.

Reserve your spot TODAY!

MOUSE Makes: Student Game Designers Take Coding to the Next Level

mousemakes.png “The next day I told the class that we had an important mission: we were going to help some first grade students. We were going to use the ADDIE model to create games in Scratch for first graders. There was definitely an attitude change and energy in the class. As a class, we had a real purpose to what we were working on.”

In this podcast, Alexandra Brown -- a librarian, teacher, and MOUSE Squad Coordinator at Cross Creek Academy Charter School in Byron Center, Michigan -- shares her experience creating an original project-based learning experience for her middle school students.

Read the full post and listen to her podcast on the MOUSE blog!

What Have YOU Been Making Lately?
MOUSE Makes features stories of invention and innovation from youth and educators across our network. Our goal is to share and celebrate not just great finished projects, but the process, pitfalls, problem-solving, and happy accidents along the way. If you have an idea for an installment for MOUSE Makes, check out for more details and to share your story!

Congratulations Appy Holidays Winners!

Over the holidays we asked you to design your own apps, tell us what your app would do, share some images of what your app would look like, and if you really wanted to go above and beyond, make a video or a prototype using Mozilla's Appmaker.

Our Grand Prize

Earning the MicroProject Winner Badge and a $60 gift card to Best Buy for their squad is Ben N 722 from Halsey's MOUSE Squad in Queens, NY.

We really liked Ben N 722's idea for an app that would teach you how to text more quickly, a very useful skill these days! Ben N 722's diagram of how their app would work really impressed us. Ben N 722 even made a prototype on Appmaker which is a great work-in-progress and a video explaining how the app works.

Congratulations Ben N 722 and all of the Halsey MOUSE Squad members!

Check out Ben N 722's app design!

Our First Runner Up

Our first runner up receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module is Nerd Squad from Berkeley, California. We liked Nerd Squad's funny app (designed with Appmaker) about BART, the public transit system in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Check out Nerd Squad's project!

Our Second Runner Up

Also receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module is Liver Drumsticks Blue Angels from Daly City, California. We liked how their idea for "Creative Ranking" app allows users to get feedback on their artwork.

Check out Liver Drumsticks Blue Angels' project!

Shout out for Wins!

It's not too late to give out Wins to your favorite MicroProject entries! Give wins for creativity, technical know-how or inspiration. Click here to check out all the school designs that were submitted! This month we'd like to shout out Luke Boyd for giving an awesome Creativity win!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.42.11 AM.png

When you see someone make a cool MicroProject submission, let them know what they did a great job by giving them a win! Thanks for giving such a great win Luke Boyd!

Thank you to Coordinators and students who participated and submitted such awesome projects! We are looking forward to seeing many more of them in the future. Be sure to check out our next project: Happy GIF-entines Day!.