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MOUSE Squad Certification

mouse.png At MOUSE, we believe expertise comes from experience, and MOUSE Squad Certification is an important first step in building the tools needed to be successful as a Squad Member: teamwork, help desk operations & technology troubleshooting. MOUSE Squad Certification is a collection of hands-on, coordinator-facilitated group activities within 10 standards-based instructional modules. Each activity includes a detailed lesson plan, materials list, knowledge base resources articles and facilitation advice. When your squad finishes a module, don't forget to answer the quiz and Blog-It reflection questions!

Specialist Certification

Garage Robotics

Specialist Certification is your opportunity to take your MOUSE Squad Training to the next level. In Garage Robotics, you'll explore the basics of a field called Physical Computing, and you'll learn how electronic components come together to make technologies work. From complex robots to microwave ovens, it all starts with these basics.



GreenTECH is all about how technology is powered and how to help reduce the harm that it can do to our environment. You’ll learn how electricity is created and how it gets into your wall. You’ll learn what renewable energy is and how it might help make our world a cleaner place. And you’ll get to build electric generators, batteries and solar-powered toys! The future of electricity lies in green technology and it can start with you, right here.


Serious Games

In Serious Games, you’ll discover the building blocks of game design, explore the world of socially responsible gaming and finish with a basic prototype & portfolio for a digital game you designed yourself in Scratch.